Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Cardinal Pink -041
Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Cardinal Pink -041
Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Cardinal Pink -041

Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Cardinal Pink -041

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You must be wondering – what’s so special about it? LITTMUSS Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish genuinely cares about what's underneath that shiny manicure. It promotes strong and healthy nails. The wide range of shades has the perfect color for every mood. To get that professional sheer touch and opaque coverage apply two coats of this long-lasting nail color. These are best non-toxic nail polish for healthier and safer mani option as they don't hold back on quality or color either!

Key Features:
• 15 Free Formula
• Highly pigmented
• Instant color payoff
• Easy to apply
• Long-wearing
• Chip-resistant
• Fade-resistant
• Gives healthy looking nails
• Improves the look of fragile nails
• Vegan
• Cruelty free

Shade Description:
037 Peach Me: Soft coral pink that goes great with any mood.
038 Satin Pink: That dream shade of nude that doesn't look washed out.
039 Purple Taupe: The shade itself is anything but ordinary, and that simply makes you try it out!
040 Tuscany Merlot: A deep wine shade that's power pose worthy.
041 Cardinal Pink: Made for a perfect hot and happening look!
042 Flirt Pink: A classic and bold creme color sure to turn a few heads.
043 Ballet Pink: So when you want a confident strut in your step, rock a Ballet Pink nail polish mani!
044 Dancy Tangelo: It's all about a blend of warm orange.
045 Fire Brick: "It's not a bright neon, but more of a rust or a terracotta vibe.
046 Rosewood Red: Instantly drawn towards this shade as it's an old-style finish that always seems to date.
047 French Rose: For all those who do not like typical pinks, here is a nice alternative.
048 Antique Pink: All you need is a perfect shade for your big day!
049 Morning Glory: It's the perfect antidote if you want something dynamic and bright.
050 Purple Velvet: "Is it black or is it purple?" finish is everything you want in a rich and dramatic nail look.
051 Deep Iris: If year-round sparkle is your thing, simply paint on two coats of a Deep Iris polish and you're done.
052 Sky Blue: What's not to love about that? This bright baby blue shade is light enough to add on any outfit.
053 Tealicious: You can cop this teal blue hue for a summer manicure that's sure to pop.
054 Egyptian Blue: Opt for a "the brighter, the better" mindset with this stunning azure hue.
055 Jade: This soft and muted shade is perfect for spring or summer.
056 Hunter Green: This color will immediately put a smile on your face, if you love to be surrounded with green leafy plants and succulents.
057 Sunglow: Its phased out to be the new Color Statement in line, so get rid of the rest.
058 Midnight: It's such an experimental classic to play around with, so why skip out on it?
059 Winter Mood: The simple, solid white color will be a staple for years to come.
060 Crystal Top Coat: Swipe it on your nails for an ultra-glossy, crystal-clear effect that lasts several days without chipping, peeling, or yellowing.

How to use:
Its best to rotate nail polish bottle between your hands to mix. Apply nail polish down the center of the nail, avoid flooding your cuticle. Then work your way down the sides of the nail and be sure to cap the free edge as a final step.

Apply 2 coats of color application for opaque coverage, allow each coat to dry in between.