A Guide To Find Your Perfect Nail Shape

A DIY manicure and one at the salon have one thing in common–they both leave you confused when you need to decide your nail shape. From the classic round shape to modern shapes like almond and coffin, there’s a plethora of options to choose from today, thanks to new Instagram and celebrity trends. So how do you know what’s the best shape for you?  Turns out, it all depends on your finger length, shape and the colour you want to wear on your tips. Take note from our guide to the different nail shapes and find the one that’s perfect for you.
This classic nail shape is perfect for anyone who wants to make their fingers appear longer and narrower. Quite literally, it involves filing the edge of your nail like the arch of a perfect semi-circle. Round nails go with almost any manicure–from a French manicure to solid colour.
Square manicures involve filing your nails straight across the top, without making them narrow from the sides or tapered towards the centre. This modern style is perfect if you have a narrow nail bed and long fingers. Avoid it if your fingers are short or broad as it may add to their width. Go square if you love bold colours or need a larger surface area to play with fun nail art.
This style mimics the shape of the object it is named after. It’s tapered towards the edges and filed straight across the top to give a narrow, elongated look. While it was popularized by Kylie Jenner, it’s slowly becoming everyone’s favourite on Instagram for its edgy style. It’s great for matte finish nail polishes and modern, minimal manicures.
The fashion world’s favourite nail shape is tapered towards the top with a slightly pointed tip. It’s great for those who want to make their nails look slender and chic. Wear it with a nude manicure for maximum appeal or for a modern twist to your traditional French manicure.
Long, pointed and dramatic, this style is loved by rappers like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is popular among the world’s hip-hop culture. It’s great for those who wear their nails like an accessory and keep them super long. Just like the stiletto heel, it may not be the most comfortable shape for your everyday life. But it’s certainly worth a shot when you want to amp up the bling and stay in the spotlight.

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