About us

Rooted in the world’s richest cultural and artistic sensibilities, Littmuss embodies the drive to redefine Indian aesthetic. As India continues to expand its global reach, the world is all the more eager to embrace its quintessential diversity and the plethora of its vast and varied flavors. Littmuss is committed to the cause of embracing India’s ethnic identity across the cultural and geographic borders.


Luxurious indulgence with a focus on comfort - those are the values that drive us at Littmuss to provide the best experience with our products. We pick fabrics like cotton and linen with your ease in mind. Our expertise in making the best accessories to complete your looks expands to faux as well as genuine leather.

For us, you're the VIP and we ensure an experience that befits one. Our footwear is handcrafted with materials like suede and genuine leather of the best quality. Our beauty products are highly skin-friendly. They claim some of the safest standards when it comes to avoiding harmful chemicals, making your skin-health our top priority. In every one of our designs, there is a personal touch from our team of artists and designers. When you pick us, you pick luxury.