Backtracking to the 90s – Vintage Shades are Forever!

Have you ever gone shopping and never bought nail polish?

Indeed, nail polishes are addictive and attractive. Exploring the make-up field has become a routine or passion to most of the girls these days. None of us would’ve dressed up and gone without nail polish, right?

Choosing the right nail polish is mandatory. Be it matte or glossy; you always want to pick the perfect one for your outfit! The rich and shiny colourful fluid in tiny cute bottles tends to lift your sense of styling. No nails are complete without pretty polish on them. Explore colours and have a breathtaking experience with LITTMUSS shades! We have a wide range of shades that resemble ethnicity.

Our nail polishes encompass combo sets of two remarkable shades together. Polish crystal, midnight, hunter green, Egyptian blue, sky blue, deep iris, and morning glory are some of the unprecedented shades in LITTMUSS. 

Keep it simple, but keep it stunning!

Ever wondered how neat and professional manicurists do your nails? Do you want to? Pick a desirable shade as it's time to show off your nails, isn't it? 


There are so many reasons why we suggest you pick LITTMUSS nail polishes. Well, the shine that comes on your nails is wordless to explain. The nail polish helps your nails grow strong and healthy too!

Shine like 90’s Celebs!

We have so many shades that will suit your clothes and moods! Two coats of nail polish are all you need to get the perfect and alluring finishing. We are also providing nail removers. Grab your nail polish and remover set from us!

“Try us on your nails and get asked by people about us. And by the way, we are non-toxic too!”

Our Back to 90’s Nail Polish Collection

LITTMUSS has a unique collection of 24 shades in the Back to 90’s Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish!

The main purpose of introducing this theme is to bring out ethnicity! We have shades like the Polish Sunglow, Sating pink, and our other POP colors are trendy and talk of the town.

Retro shades give your nails a classic look! Check on our shade list and pick one vintage shade of your choice. You can also grab nail polish removers with fruity and floral fragrance. 

To answer the question ‘Why choose Littmuss Back to 90’s Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish?’ we provide nail polishes of best quality and they are hi-shine gloss products. Our products are vegan; no harmful chemicals are added, cruelty-free and highly user-friendly! Our 15-chemical free formulation is a cherry on the top. So, why wait? Fill your carts ASAP!

Who said money can’t buy happiness? It affords nail polish

We are in Nykaa too. Yayyy! Check out our early bird offers and grab yours now!


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