Glam & Garbha- Experience colours and cities this Navratri, like never before.

The hustle of Navratri may be low this time around. Our cities won’t swirl to the bang of dandiyas and whirl to the claps of garbha. The lights may be dim, streets might be empty but the spirit of Navratri will glow. We can’t drape our cities in pandals. But we can make up for it by dressing up for them at our homes.

Every city has its flavour and colour. We inherit it when we share our lives with the streets, buildings and most importantly, the people. So what if we can’t dance with them this year? We can still spread the joy and make our Navratri burst in colours.

Sun-baked Jaipur

The heritage city of Jaipur is famously called the Pink City. Unfortunately, it is a colonial hangover. Since we are local for vocal, why not celebrate the elegance of Jaipur’s cultural heritage, imbued in the desert’s basking glory? Don a royal, mango tangerine nail polish to feel regal at home.

Mumbai Blues

You need to witness the calming embrace of Marine Drive only once to understand the city’s connection to the vast Arabian sea. The tides of people hurtling in the city’s alleys mimic the waves crashing on the shore. Experience oceanic blues with LITTMUSS’s Blue Hue Combo containing Matte Chrome and Sugar Candy nail polish.

Cranberry Kotgarh

Himachal Pradesh is called India’s fruit basket. Its valleys burst in vivid colours during harvest, displaying nature’s vibrant palette. Kotgarh, famous for its apples, is draped in red. Like the apples, its streets are filled with a healthy dose of exuberance and life. Treat yourself with an organic splash of red with LITTMUSS’s naturally made The Perfect Me Combo.

Cosmic Shillong

Enveloped by hills and coated in clouds, the city of Shillong has a special view of the stars. At midnight, the galaxy shines light on Shillong’s mountains. The peaks get closer and closer to the infinity that lies beyond them. The vast unknown calls them with starry skies. Get lost in the cosmic amalgamation of stars with LITTMUSS’s Milkyway and Blue Lollies nail polishes.

Poppy Puducherry

We are connected to the French with this little territory on the eastern coast of our nation. Bursting with exuberance, Puducherry is a city frequented by tourists for its exoticity. It is fresh, displaying an enchanting balance of old-world charm and new-world flourish. That’s why pink is our pick to define Puducherry, with LITTMUSS’s Virgin Margarita nail polish and combo of floral mask and headband.

Lucknowi Green

It is often said that if you wish to confess love, you should do it in Urdu. If you want to make it more special, say it in Lucknowi Urdu. The romance of Lucknow lies in its language. Also in its love for paan. This, coupled with Mughal and Awadhi influence makes for a historically romantic experience. Since green is the colour of love, express your love for Lucknow with LITTMUSS’s Kiwi Spritzer.

Coco Coorg

This hill station in Karnataka is a belt of greenery that offers a refreshing breath of air. Like the coffee it is famous for, every morning in Coorg feels new. With strolling elephants, the city gives a rejuvenating jolt, an invigorating change from the mundane cycles of metropolitan life. Spice up your usual look with LITTMUSS’s Nice Vice Combo.

Cocktail Delhi

Lutyens to Chandni Chowk, Delhi is an eclectic blend of people. Diverse in content, dominant in effect and delicious in flavour, Delhi needs more than one colour. Spruce up your home experience by indulging in LITTMUSS’s Matcha Martini, Peppermint Parties and Watermelon Mania.


Tangy Panaji

If there is one Indian drink that stands for refreshment, it is lemonade. Similarly, if there is one place in India that stands for refreshment, it is Panaji, Goa. Hammocks, beaches and chilled drinks make Panaji the perfect getaway. Chill out inside your homes with LITTMUSS’s Sour Lemonade nail polish.

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