Switch to chemical free make-up in 4 simple steps

Who doesn’t love make-up? And rightfully so! Research shows it helps you feel happier and confident and less anxious.

But not every piece of cosmetic you own is good for you.

From phthalates, to parabens to formaldehydes, your make-up contains chemicals that can cause a range of deadly diseases and disorders.

The bad news: Right from cancer to dermatitis to hormone disruption- your chemical filled beauty products can do much more harm than they do good.

The good news is that not all hope is lost.

Take these 5 steps to transform your glow-up routine into vegan, body friendly and cruelty free regimen.

  1. Check into your make-up kit
    The first place to start is to look into the products that you own. Organize your beauty paraphernalia into categories: lips, nails, skin care, you get the gist. Once you have laid them all out, check each for their chemical ingredients- the more you know, the safer you can be.

  2. Remove and Rearrange
    Now that you know exactly what you own, junk out those products past their expiry date. Remember the toxic chemicals you saw on the internet? It’s time to junk out any cosmetics in your kit that have those chemicals. One problem will remain- you now have a significantly emptier kit!

  3. Find your element
    What’s the best part of a half-empty make-up kit? You get to find what you
    love and shop to your heart’s desire! Make a list of which categories (check out step 1!) you would like to refill. Check out our magnificent collections here. (Note for upload: here can be hyperlinked to homepage) Aren’t already adding to cart? What are you waiting for!

  4. Choose your favourite
    It’s essential for you to know and select from brands that offer chemical free
    alternatives. Not to toot our own horn but Littmuss has an exquisite cosmetics collection that is not only chemical free-it’s environment friendly, too! Our vegan and cruelty free styles are great for you and nature.

Enjoying you healthy and radiant everglow?
Share your chemical-free journey, tips, tricks and favourites with us!

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