The Best Nail Colour to Personify Your Zodiac!

"The zodiac's twelve signs are said to represent powerful archetypes that are universal in theme."

Indeed, zodiac colours hold valuable meanings. They convey enough power to change your mood and of others around you. While your valued colour might differ based on your choice, there is a specific set of colours related to your zodiac sign.

Believe it or not, but every element is related to colours and so the zodiac signs. Relying on the shades you use in your life, you can alter the tone of your surroundings.

When Life Gets Tough, There's Always Nail Polish!

Let's know which nail colour suits you the best! Excited much? Read on further to know the reason for your nail paint colour.  

Red Passion for ARIES

Aries has strong positive energy. It shows an active fire sign with powerful energy. The colour to harness energy should probably be red. 

LITTMUSS Matte Chrome Nail Polish Cranberry Fizz - 019 is perfect for Aries. This nail paint symbolises passion. Enthusiastic, fascinating, and full of vitality, the red nail paint is an excellent match for your vibrant energy.

Pink Innocence for TAURUS

Taurus is a gorgeous, stabilizing, and calming sign. If you are a Taurus, pink is your colour. 

Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Antique Pink -048 will reflect feminine love and innocence.

Yellow and Sunshine for GEMINI

Geminis must try to use bright yellow shades. Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Sunglow -057 seems like an excellent fit for your lively energy. 

Yellow often signifies an optimistic, thrilling sense of research and modification. It always elicits impressions of blossoms and sunshine.

Calm and Healing CANCER 

The cool silver tone suits a cancer person best. Cancer is the sign of the moon. Silver is constantly related to success and wealth.

LITTMUSS Matte Chrome Nail Polish Grey Moon Cupcake - 011 shows calm and healing colour. 

Emblem of Prestige, LEO

A Leo person should choose gold yellow tones. LITTMUSS Matte Chrome Nail Polish Mango Tangerine 023 is a beautiful shade that portrays strength. 

One of the most precious materials found in nature, gold has been an emblem of prestige, power, influence, and strength. 

Calm and Soothing VIRGO 

Virgo people are calm. Green has constantly been the shade of growth. Green also holds up impressions of relief and protection. 

Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Hunter Green - 056 has a soothing impact on the mind. It will help you clear away your worries.

Everything Blue and Optimistic for LIBRA

The colour blue best represents Libra. Blue colour reduces heart rate and instils an optimistic feeling.

Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Egyptian Blue - 054 often symbolises reliability, peace, and optimism. It is an honest colour that conveys a feeling of dependability and trustworthiness.

SCORPIO'S Black Mysterious Luxury

Scorpio is often related to the colour black. Black is related to power, strength, authority and influence. 

Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Midnight - 058 is a sophisticated, elegant colour that heightens any event and gives a sense of mysterious luxury.


Purple is the colour of Sagittarius. It symbolises royalty.

Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Purple Velvet - 050 is the colour of mystery and wisdom. It is an elegant colour with a prosperous history of intrigue, luxury, and excellence.

Keen Intelligence of CAPRICORN

Brown and Capricorn go hand in hand. Worried about brown being a boring colour? Try LITTMUSS Matte Chrome Nail Polish Choco Almond Torte - 002

Don't be afraid to examine a little bit extra! Brown is symbolic of keen intelligence, wisdom, maturity and strength.

AQUARIUS, Brimming with Life!

Aquarius’s crucial power colour is bright blue. Littmuss Back To The 90's Hi-Shine Gloss Nail Polish Tealicious - 053 looks extremely elegant and full of life. 

The bright blue colour symbolizes life, change, and a probability to evolve and grow.

PISCES'S Growth and Change

Pisces is best defined by the colour green. LITTMUSS Matte Chrome Nail Polish Kiwi Spritzer - 016 symbolizes luck, growth, life, and change. All of those potentials are occupied in the tints of green that Pisces choose.

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy nail polish and that's kind of the same thing.  

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