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Nail the Matte-Chrome look with 12 FREE Nail Colours from LITTMUSS

No look is complete without the right nail colours. The right shade and finish to complement your style can take it to the next level - but might not be easy to find. Even when you do find just the nail polish you need - it turns out to be a cocktail of harmful chemicals that will end up damaging your nails. So, what do you do? Well, look no further, because Littmuss has got you and your nails covered. Matte-chrome effect on a wide range of shades Styling your nails is about more than just the colour. One of the most important things to consider is the finish that the colour has. The range of nail colours from Littmuss...

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Rooted in the world’s richest cultural and artistic sensibilities, Littmuss embodies the drive to redefine Indian aesthetic. As India continues to expand its global reach, the world is all the more eager to embrace its quintessential diversity and the plethora of its vast and varied flavors. Littmuss is committed to the cause of embracing India’s ethnic identity across the cultural and geographic borders. Our interpretation of a thousand year old heritage is to realize the individuality of fabric and marrying it with the uniqueness of our home-grown designs. At the core of our values is the idea of luxury as a comfortable experience. Curated by accomplished artists and professional designers, every design crafted here at Littmuss is a personalized effort...

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